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Carlota Kowlasky and Moriarty

Carlota Kowlasky and Moriarty
Our Price: £10.20
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This pack contains 2 miniatures

About this item...

Carlota Kowalsky can be defined as one hell of a Sergeant Major, a sharp genius who wont tolerate silliness and is more than able to demolish any misogynist stereotype. She is a woman with an extra-planetary look who is used to wearing campaign clothes. She has a face that insinuates intriguing contrasts: narrow and very dark, with sharp features and high cheekbones, fruit of the most genuine Corregidor crossbreeding. However, her facial expression is one usually associated with that of Nomad elite professionals: calm, alert, intelligent and very competent. Despite her attractive appearance, Carlota is one of the boys, and, usually, far better than them. Her comrades and superiors respect her greatly because she is responsible and never shirks when its time to work and get her hands dirty. A veteran of several campaigns already, and as lethal as the best holding a weapon, she is the most qualified engineering and maintenance specialist in her unit. The mechanical skills of Carlota are especially useful when fixing Moriarty, the name she gives to each new Zondcat assigned to her when its predecessor is destroyed. Poor Moriarty is in its eighth incarnation so far, and while Carlota remains in active service, its not likely to be the last one.. See below for full details on processing times for this item.

Product Code: 280545-0285     Game: Infinity    Manufacturer: Corvus Belli

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